Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dead Sea

Dead Sea is basically a salt lake which is extended from all sides of Palestine in the west and Jordan in the east. It is also referred to as Salt Lake because of the hyper saline nature. This sea is considered to have the lowest lift on land and is thus the deepest lake in the world. Because of its saline nature which is even saltier than the oceans most of the aquatic animals and plants are not able to sustain life in this sea which is why the name Dead Sea is given to it. It is 55 km long and 18 km wide when it comes to dimensions. Many cosmetics items and herbal sachets have been made by utilizing the salt and minerals of the Dead Sea. It is also a famous tourist spot because of its beneficial nature. The climatic conditions are usually dry and sunny during summers and cold during winters at the location where the Dead Sea is situated. It contains many minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, boron, lithium, sodium and what not and thus is also a health research center as it provides various health related advantages. Salt and minerals of the Dead Sea are used for the treatment of many health problems. This article consists of the top ten surprising health benefits of Dead Sea that many people are not aware of.


calms nervous system

Nervous System as we all know is an important part of human body and if nervous system malfunctions then it can lead to many problems such as damaging of the nerve cells of brain and spinal cord which may lead to difficulty in swallowing, speaking and breathing and thus rapidly progressive weakness. Thus failure of nervous system will either lead to paralysis or death. Floating or swimming in the Dead Sea can prevent all theses diseases as Dead Sea contains salt and huge amount of different minerals and most importantly Bromine which is an essential constituent that promotes relaxation and thus calms down the nervous system. Also, Zinc and Magnesium which are commonly known as the calming minerals in our body are also found in abundance in Dead Sea which thus helps to calm our nerves.


increases blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is very important for a person to stay healthy and fit because if blood is not circulated efficiently then it could prove dangerous as if any area will not get proper access to blood then it may lead to death of the tissue of that area which thereby will cause malfunctioning of that part. When people spend time in the water of the Dead Sea then the minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Iron which are present in there are absorbed by the skin and thus helps to increase the blood circulation of the body thereby keeping the body healthy.


reduce heart problems

Heart problems or heart diseases which are also referred to as cardiovascular diseases are very hazardous to one’s life. The most common reason of heart diseases is either thickening of blood vessels due to accumulation of fats or due to hypertension. Many deaths have been recorded worldwide due to cardiovascular diseases. Floating in the Dead Sea tends to relieve from hypertension and also the presence of Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium helps to control blood pressure thereby reducing the risk to heart diseases and thus ensuring long and healthier life. It is advisable for the heart patients to either swim in the Dead Sea or to apply the sand of Dead Sea over the body so as to keep the heart problems under control.


prevents hair loss

Hair loss is seen in many people because of many causes such as stress, due to high fever of viral diseases for a prolonged period, malnutrition, genetic reasons, harmful drugs, side effects of cosmetics, unhealthy water and many other reasons. Sand of Dead Sea has proved to be very effective for preventing hair loss. Many cosmetic products have also been launched which contains Dead Sea sand in order to treat hair related diseases and for the treatment of hair loss. Calcium which is the one of the essential mineral responsible for healthy and shiny hair is also the major constituent of Dead Sea. Thus, applying the sand of Dead Sea on the hair will provide a glowing appearance to the hair and will also prevent the hair from damage and loss. Also, washing hair with the water of the Dead Sea make it more smoother and softer.


reduces stress

Nowadays, due to hectic schedule and never ending demands, each and every person faces stress either due to one reason or the other. Stress can prove to be very hazardous as it is the root cause of most health problems. It can lead to heart diseases, depression, autoimmune diseases, sleep problems, digestive problems, obesity, skin conditions such as eczema and many other physical and mental health problems.

It is a well known fact that swimming helps to reduce stress. Swimming in the Dead Sea will thus help to reduce stress plus it has an added advantage of the Magnesium present in it which is also referred to as an anti stress mineral. Even if one does not know swimming, he or she can easily float in the water of the Dead Sea as the excess of salt present in the Dead Sea helps one to float in the water without drowning.


reduces joint inflammation

Joint inflammation which is usually characterized by joint pain, loss of functioning of joints, joint stiffness, swelling of joints or redness is a problem that is faced by many people. It can also affect internal body organs and can thus lead to pain in organs. Presence of Calcium, Potassium, Boron and Strontium is very essential for the body to prevent inflammation and availability of these minerals in the water and sand of Dead Sea thus helps to reduce joint inflammation to a great extent.


slow down skin aging

Wrinkles are the most undesirable thing on the face and to prevent this people use a lot of cosmetic products and items. Dead Sea offers the free and effective treatment to deal with skin aging. Sulfur present in the Dead Sea helps to provide softness and smoothness to the skin. Sodium on the other hand heals the dryness of the skin. Lithium and Strontium treats skin problems and Manganese helps to form a healthy and glowing skin layer. Thus, the sand of Dead Sea when applied over the body not only slows down skin aging but also provide sanguine and florid skin.


repair damaged tissues

Phosphorus and Magnesium plays a vital role in repairing damaged tissues. Phosphorus is available in tissues and cells throughout the body and is thus needed for maintenance, growth and repairing of cells and tissues. Magnesium also helps in self repair of damaged tissues. Both of these minerals are found in abundance in Dead Sea. When one relaxes near the shore applying the sand of the Dead Sea or swims in the water of the Dead Sea, then these minerals are engrossed by the skin pores and help in the repair of the damaged tissues, thus adding up one more point to the health benefits of the Dead Sea..


strengthen bones

Bones which are made up of Phosphorus, Calcium and Sodium are strengthened when the availability of these minerals is up to the mark in the human body. Deficiency of any of these minerals can lead to weakening or thinning of the bones and many other health problems. Dead Sea which is a pool of these minerals help to strengthen the bones by providing access to these minerals to the surface of the skin either through swimming or by applying sand paste to the body.


boost up energy

As we know that Phosphorus is utilized by living cells to produce energy and is a necessary component for the creation of new cells in the body and Magnesium on the other hand also helps in energy metabolism process and thus these two are essential components in producing energy. Being in contact with the water and sand of Dead Sea provides the body surface with these minerals and thus helps the body to boost up the energy level thereby making the person more energetic and healthy.

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